Adonis Creative Group

We fully develop, introduce & advertise your product(s) through innovation & unique creativeness.

Strategic Team

Our highly trained professional strategist, at Adonis Development & Processing Center, assists our clients from inception to finalization.

Investment Management Advisor

the professional asset management of various securities (shares, bonds and other securities) and other assets (e.g., real estate)


Business & Trade

Sales, Marketing, Import&Export Export Management

Fund Management

Managers of Pars Traders Fund Capital Investments opportunities

Specialized Products

Oil Products, Petrochemical Products, Motor Oils

Higher Education

Ownership in Higher Education Institutes & Universities

32 +


12 +

Main Projects

17 +

Subsidiary Companies

7520 +


Adonis Holdings

Adonis International Holdings was founded in 2005 as the main stakeholder in a collection of international companies which are spread throughout the UK, Georgia, Iran and other geographical locations, and all participate in various related endeavors.

Adonis management is based on strategic model of control, meaning that the same set of rules and standards that govern the parent corporation, also govern subsidiaries however affiliates enjoy there own independent board of directors and CEOs.


Adonis Holdings

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