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Apartments in French District in Tbilisi Featured

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Apartments in French District in Tbilisi



In the beginning of 2016 French investors decided to establish a French type settlement. To implement this idea invited Georgian and French architects. The special team was recruited to lead the project – French District. The conception on which the residential complex is being built was the creation of the famous modernist architect of 20th century - Le Corbusier. He is believed to be one of the authors of the studio type flats.  His conception about the modern city helps people to overcome urban stress which is caused by the diminishing greenery and the rising rate of new constructions. Taking that into account we chose the place which is in the city and at the same time is greenery area near nature. During development of French District project, particular attention was paid to the design of affordable apartments, planning of the spaces and arrangement of recreation area. The name of the project French district was conditioned by design elements used in the recreation area – the street lighting, decor, lampposts, benches and particularly landscaping, which were arranged according to the French cities. In order to create proper mood, it is not sufficient to focus only on the visual side of the project. That’s why we decided to focus on human hearing and taste sensations as well. Accordingly we added French bakery and street cafeteria to the project, where you can taste delicious morning coffee, croissants and baguettes. French music will play in the street dynamics for those who are walking in the streets every evening. Have you imagined? Then you would agree that life is wonderful here!

Affordable and small-sized apartments

The most time was spent on architectural engineering of affordable apartments and as a result, we can say that the advantages of the French district apartments are their small size and flexible planning with the space ranging from 35 m2 to 70 m2. You can unite 2 or more apartments as well. Apartments are provided as “white frame” and if desired we offer interior designer service. The complex has a total of 5 buildings and 1069 apartments, including studio type, two and three room apartments.

Comfortable, secured and multifunctional complex

French District is located on 30 000 m2 area, where the most part of the territory is designed for greenery. The area is fenced and protected with 24-hour security systems. Special attention is paid to the recreation area, that means the construction of the internal yard, square and sports stadiums.  Along with creating beautiful gardens and parks we are also in charge of cleaning the territory. Besides the residential area, complex includes commercial and office space. In addition, parking is considered for every family. At the present time Cervantes Georgian-English-Spanish school-GESS operates in the French District that is the most prestigious school in Tbilisi.

Construction part

French District constructions are built from the monolithic ferroconcrete frames. The frame of the building represents the combination of groundwork, columns, diaphragms and inter-floor monolithic slabs. High-quality vertical mold systems are used for complex construction, which provides maximum accuracy of vertical elements. Expertise. All regulatory provisions are supported during complex construction. Constructions are seismic stable and the lightning rods are included in the complex.


  • The future is built here

    If you are searching for a quite and affordable house, away from the urban noise and exhaust gases, located in green area, then congratulations! You have found it in the French District. Complex infrastructure will allow you to spend time with your family and friends.

  •  Playground

    Comfortable yard, fresh air, large playground equipped with a variety of entertainment will wait for the children in the center of the complex. Our playgrounds will contribute to the physical development of your children and become their favorite place.

  •  Sports arena

    Here you can make sport your lifestyle. The sports arena located in the French District will allow you to play football, tennis and basketball with your friends at any suitable time for you.

  •  Greenery

    The particular advantage of the French District is its greenery and fresh air. The total perimeter is naturally surrounded by the trees, and internal territory is greened and arranged specially for our residents. 

  •  Square

    To spend pleasant evenings, the area will be arranged and decorated with greenery and flowers. Dynamics installed on the territory will allow you to enjoy nice French music, beautiful views and quit environment.

  •  Parking

    1069 parking places are considered in the project. 371 of them are placed on the three-level parking, the rest 698 will be in the open air. Buying the individual parking place exempts you from additional troubles and makes significant comfort for you in the French District.

  •  Closed fitness club

    Your life will become more active in French District. Closed fitness clubs equipped with the famous and modern facilities will be located in the complex territory.

  •  Kindergarten

    Kindergarten of the French District is designed for 80 children and totally covers 747,5 sq.m. territory. Open yard comprises 90sq.m. Confiding your child to professional caregivers allows you to do your job quietly during a day.

  •  Market and Pharmacy

    Commercial spaces will be placed on the first floor of the complex buildings, where the market and Pharmacy will be launched. Affordability of these facilities will allow you to content your everyday requirements without leaving the district territory.

  •  French bakery and Cafe

    Near you, the French Bakery and open Cafe will create a proper mood for you, here you can taste delicious morning coffee, croissants, baguettes and feel real French taste.





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